Continuous Assessment/Evaluation System (Class Nursery & Prep)

  • There will be 3 ROUNDS of evaluation for each subject in the whole session.
  • The weightage of each subject per cycle will be 50 marks in which:
    1. Written examination will be of 25 marks (10+15)
    2. Internal assessment will be of 25 marks based on the following areas :
      • Communication Skills
      • Reading Skills
      • Orals
      • Assignment
      • Clarity of Concept
      • Identification of letters/objects
      • General Awareness
      • Participation in Class room activities
      • Project work (Pasting, Decorating, Colouring objects etc.)
  • Written test of Hindi for Nursery class will be conducted from Evaluation II. The oral part will be assessed as a part of continuous and comprehensive evaluation based on the points mentioned above. 
  • Internal assessment of each subject will be a part of continuous and comprehensive evaluation and will be based on the individual observation /analysis of the concerned teacher throughout the year. No particular day will be announced for the same. 
  • A child has to cover the syllabus of the month and be able to read, identify, recite, recognize the alphabet /numbers/objects/poems and be aware of her/his surroundings, participate in all the activities in the class. The performance of the child will be rated as unsatisfactory if he/she fails to cover the syllabus of the month.