AMARTYA SHIKSHA YOUJNA POLICY                       

All the students of DPSMRN are covered under this policy

Salient Features

  1. This policy covers the expenses incurred for the completion of studies or any professional course if providing parents dies due to accident. 
  2. A maximum of two students can be covered under one Policy in respect of one particular insured Parent and with the limit of one Sum Insured only. 

Covered Expenses / Benefit of the Policy

  1. Cost of Tuition Free, Hostel rent (inclusive of boarding expenses) cost of book and periodicals essentially prescribed by the Head of the Dept. / Institution. 
  2. Examination Fees. 
  3. Cost of to & fro 2nd Class Rail Ticket for the student to attend at the place where the Parent has met with the accident or the place as stated in the schedule where the Insured Parent/Guardian resides, after the accident. 
  4. Compulsory donation for Festivals and Picnic/Excursion held in on behalf of the Institution. 
  5. Cost of compulsory uniform prescribed by the institution. 
  6. Any other compulsory expenses to be born under recommendation of the Head of the Dept/Institution. 
  7. During the policy period and before exhaustion of the entire amount of benefit but after occurrence of the covered contingency, if the beneficiary student meets with an “Accident”, amount of medical expenses incurred can be reimbursed from the unutillised amount.