• SOP for partial reopening of Schools for students of 9th to 12th classes on a voluntary basis, for taking guidance from their teachers: In the context of COVID-19 - Download

Physical distancing at school

  • Maintain a physical distance between everyone present at school.

  • Increase desk spacing as far as possible.

  • Students are advised not to gather and socialize in big groups in school and/or upon leaving school grounds.

  • Students should not share any material (textbooks, notebooks, pen, pencil, eraser, tiffin box, water bottles, etc.) with each other.

Health and hand hygiene

  • The practice of regularly washing hands and/or applying hand sanitizers at key moments, such as entering and leaving the classroom; touching surfaces, learning materials, books, and after using a tissue to blow their nose is advised and encouraged.

  • Students should always cough and/or sneeze into their elbow. However, if by accident they do so in/on their hands, they should immediately wash their hands or apply hand sanitizer.

Mask wearing in school n school.

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory and strongly recommended in school.

  • Students should avoid high-risk and high-touch areas in school/classroom. For example, not touching the railing while walking up and down the stairs, or keeping classroom doors open to avoid touching door-knobs.

Request to Parents

  • Parents are advised not to send their wards to school if the child or any family member living in the same household suffers from fever/cough/breathlessness etc.