I to V

Evaluation System

Classes I & II

According to the National Education Policy 2020, the curriculum and pedagogy of these classes will aim for the holistic development of learners by equipping them with intellectual, physical, cultural , artistic and communication skills. The greater focus will be on experiential learning , projects ,activities based on real life experiences , moral values and integration of technology.

In Languages, a child’s performance would be evaluated under the reading , writing , speaking and listening skills, which would include reading , recitation , comprehension , pronunciation , fluency and written tests.

In Mathematics , a child’s concept clarity , his/her involvement in activities , projects , tables and mental ability would be assessed.

In Environmental Studies, a child would be evaluated on the basis of his/her involvement in class discussions , activities , projects , general awareness and written tests .

For the above mentioned areas the students will be assessed on the basis of NEP 2020 based on the performance of the child , observation by the teacher and analysis throughout the year in the class.

Each periodic written test will be of 50 marks .

Classes III to V

There will be internal assessment of Drawing and Painting, Craft, Music/Dance and Games. To develop life skills and to prepare a child to face the future challenges in life, values and attitude as neatness, punctuality and regularity in life, values and attitude as neatness, punctuality and regularity etc. will also be judged under Personality Development Area