Nursery, LKG & UKG

Evaluation System for Foundation Classes

The Foundation classes form a strong base for a bright and promising academic journey of a child. To nurture and achieve these important milestones, the school's Ideology, Study material, Curriculum and Teaching methods are in compliance with the guidelines of the NEP-2020. 

The Academic understanding of the child will be assessed on the basis of regular and continuous assessment for all the subjects throughout the session. The pedagogy aims for the holistic development of learners. The curriculum is designed to provide more options for LEARNING BY DOING. The key element of the pre-primary education will be Experiential content. Learning goals will be achieved by greater focus on Thematic Teaching, Creative Activities and Play Way teaching methods. The assessments would be focused to prepare the child for the following skills- 

The child's performance in the foundation classes will be evaluated on the basis of class activities and term wise assessment. Each term carries 50 marks for each subject. It includes 10 marks for the subject aptitude, 10 marks for the project and activities and 30 marks for the Written Assessment. 

The school aims to provide ample opportunities for the children to participate in various activities and learn in joyful, play way and creative learning environment.