Teacher's Day Celebration

Thank you teachers: For educating, shaping and guiding generations!

"If there were no teachers, all other professions would not exist"

Teachers’ day is one such occasion which both teachers and students look forward to. Students of DPS M R Nagar, Mathura put their best foot forward by organizing a delightful event for their mentors and gurus. The programme started with paying tributes to Dr S Radhakrishnan on his birth anniversary by the School Principal, Shri Salender Singh. The first Vice President of India and the Second President of India and an educationist at heart, Dr Radhakrishnan was an epitome of what a teacher should be like. All the members of the staff were felicitated by their respective substitutes of the day. Songs, poetry, dance performance and speeches dedicated to teachers were presented to let them know how valuable an asset, teachers are for the society. Moments of fun doubled with some one minute games for teachers. The programme concluded with an address by the Principal who inspired all to imbibe Dr Radhakrishnan’s teachings and philosophies for a better teaching and learning environment. His mantra of obedience and discipline resounded in the school arena to be followed by all.

Later during the day, Mathura Refinery arranged a sumptuous lunch for the DPS,MRN family. The day's proceedings rounded off with a token gift by the management which was handed over individually by the School Principal.

Happy Teacher's day to all the teachers. May we continue to Innovate and inspire with all our might ! Our power and influence is immense ! Let's use it to bring the most desirable change in our students and thereby the world at large !!!